BB Fantasy League Matchups of the Week!


Justin Penik (@JPenik74)

THE Matchup of the Week: David Powi's Oh Saquon You See vs. Justin Penik's NJ Huskers

Not to be biased but the two co-hosts of THE BEST damn Giants podcast in the world are squaring off and week one could not be getting off to a better start for this league. David Powis' Oh Saquon You See takes on my own NJ Huskers. ESPN is splitting up the win probability at 50% and the matchup won't officially be decided until the end of the second game on MNF. Justin's players will be done after Sunday and David has Phillip Lindsay and the Saints D on Monday. David made a great move by benching Aaron Jones against a Bears defense that seems to be channeling 1985 (still think he will be a top 10 RB in 2019). Now, it's just a matter of if his other pieces can produce as well. Devonta Freeman has been an injury risk for a few years and Lindsay is in a RB by committee on what is being perceived as a bad team. However, the WR/TE combo is one of the best in the league. Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen and Travis Kelce definitely have the potential to make up for some of the production that may be lost by the RB spot. The biggest weak spot on David's team in my opinion is his Superflex. Marcus Mariota is in a spot where he might lose his job if he doesn't perform and the point difference between Mariota's day and my Superflex, Russell Wilson, could be the difference in the game (hopefully for the NJ Huskers benefit). If you're wondering where the analysis and critique of my own team is then you're gonna be greatly disappointed. My team is perfect and there are zero holes (sarcasm?). There will definitely be some reaction to this matchup on Bleeding Blue's podcast episode next week so stay tuned for that.

Honorable Mention: Brett Wiley's MUTANT BIRDS take on Jimmy Crowell's Gettlemaniacs.

Two more Bleeding Blue co-hosts and contributors going at it week one! ESPN has the win probability at 53% going towards Brett's team. Despite ESPN's Draft Day rankings, I think these two teams are the best in the league. Their benches are not the deepest (which is why ESPN probably ranks them lower) but at least for week one, that means squat! Jimmy's Alvin Kamara, Nick Chubb and Austin Eckler RB combo is absolutely deadly. For Brett's team, in a Superflex league, it's rare that a QB falls as far as he did in our league. Brett had the first pick, took Saquon, Mike Evans in the 2nd and capped it off with taking the best fantasy QB in 2018 in round 3. I am going to predict that this is the highest scoring game of week one and probably the most entertaining.

Predictions (predicted winners are bolded)

NJ Huskers vs. Oh Saquon You See


Team McKittrick vs. Team Rooney

MUTANT BIRDS vs. The Gettlemaniacs

Dak Over Wentz vs. Team Bernstiel

Roaring Viagra vs. Team Ickes