Bleed the Bookie: The Best Super Bowl PROPS!


Mike McKittrick (@McKittrickM)

     Football fans and gambling fans alike have been waiting for months for this day. The only NFL game left, number 267, Super Bowl LIV. Miami will be packed with fans from all across the country, but that doesn't mean they're the only ones that can't get in on the fun.

Just as a disclaimer: This blog is SPECIFICALLY for Super Bowl props and prop bets not typically seen in the regular season. I will be doing a second blog this week with regards to the actual game and game props.

     Every Super Bowl has some iconic prop bets: coin toss, what color the Gatorade will be (stay tuned), and how long the national anthem goes, the list goes on. However, one prop bet that I find very enticing is whether or not there will be a touchback on the opening kickoff. I know what you're thinking. "But Mike, NFL games always start with touchbacks." And to an extent, you're right. However, 5 of the last 6 Super Bowls have started with a return. And the one team that didn't return, you ask? New England. Call me crazy, but I see value in betting "No" for an opening kickoff to be a touchback at +135.

     The next prop I'm intrigued by is the Chiefs first offensive play. The only two options here, run or pass, come is at +100 and -130, respectively. The Chiefs, for the most part, like running the ball between the tackles to start games, and I don't see Andy Reid testing the 49ers secondary this early in the game. Take the run at +100 here.

     Sticking with the theme of Kansas City, they've been a team that has started slow as of late. San Francisco has a defense that can take dynamic playmakers out of a game, and that's what I expect them to do early. One of the best run defenses in the league and a top tier corner to limit what Tyreek Hill can do, the Niners tend to shut teams down early and build an insurmountable lead. The prop that caught my eye was "what happens first," either the Chiefs score points (-105) or they punt (-120). I love the Chiefs punting here. They tend to heat up with the flow of the game, and Andy Reid isn't the type of coach to take big chances early in games. He wants to be conservative to start to not take away the chance of getting his first ring. Chiefs punt -120 is the play.

     Finally, the most famous Super Bowl prop there is: what color Gatorade gets dumped on the winning coach. I'm going to recommend something here that I very rarely do pre-live betting: hedge this one. "Purple" Gatorade opened at +1400, but is currently going off at even money, most likely due to the death of Kobe Bryant. I'd be ashamed of myself if I didn't take this and it hit, just because it was too obvious. However, I love the value of red Gatorade. +330 for each team's primary color, too good to pass up. I personally bet both Red and Purple, and I recommend you do the same.

Pick Recap:

-Opening Kickoff to be a touchback: "No" (+135) for one unit

-Kansas City first play "Run" (+100) for one unit

-What happens first (KC) "Punt (-120) for one unit

-Gatorade color "Purple" (+100) for one and a half units

-Gatorade color "Red" (+330) for one unit

(All lines and props are courtesy of Fanduel Sportsbook at the time of 11am EST on January 31. Lines and bets can change at the discretion of the Sportsbook.)