Larry Rooney Had a BAD Week!


Justin Penik (@JPenik74) 

Larry Rooney had a bad week, a very bad week. Somebody had to fall on the sword of drafting way too early I guess! Next year, I hope everyone will be available to have some sort of in person draft, later in the month of August! We can plan a little bit down the road for that...

So let's break down Larry's week shall we? Thanks to Maliek Collins of the Dallas Cowboys, Lamar Miller tore his ACL during the Texans third preseason game (where most starters only got ONE series, that's all it took folks!). Now granted, Lamar Miller is a risky pick every single year. He is a player who I have jumped on his hype train plenty a time, and have been disappointed time and time again (hence why your commissioner picked his handcuff, Duke Johnson, but this isn't about how much of a genius I am). As a Texan, Miller has averaged 4.6 yards per carry in 2018, 3.7 in 2017 (big yikes) and 4.0 in 2016 (yikes). You would think with all the pressure Houston allows he would at least have 40 catches every single year right? Should be dump off city? Nope! Only a best of 36 catches while in Houston (actually was a more consistent pass catcher in Miami). So Lamar Miller will unfortunately not get the chance to prove his doubters like myself wrong. My heart has been broken too many times but I will always be a fan of his...

Now for the icing on the cake: Andrew Luck was booed out of Lucas Oil Stadium because the entire country was devastated that Team Rooney lost its #1 QB. Shocking, right? Those fans were a bunch of dicks! I'm not going to lie, I didn't necessarily take a deep dive into this whole Andrew Luck situation because he, and basically any other Colt, was on my Do Not Draft List. The risk you would take on drafting Luck was too large but I also could understand the temptation to do so, especially in a Superflex league. For what could have been a top 3 QB, to draft him in the 3rd round would have been tremendous value. But, Rooney's Luck ran out... wait I meant to say luck, not Luck. Sorry about that (too soon?). Larry's luck ran out after I gave his team multiple praises two weeks ago for picking up Matt Breida. I even love the Kirk Cousins pick. Despite being in a run first system for years, he has always found a way to put up more than solid passing numbers (he even fits in some rushing yards and TD's here and there too: 2015-2017 he had at least 4 rushing TD's, 2018 only 1). 70% completion percentage, over 4,200 yards, throwing over 30 TD's and only 10 INT sounds like solid fantasy season to me. Don't sleep on Kirk "You Like That" Cousin (yes, spelling error intentional).

SO YES! There is still hope for young Larry! He was one of the first along with Mark Bernsteil who was utilizing the new Auction feature of the waiver wire (which I was excited to see). Larry Rooney put in a bid of $1 for the Bills new starting RB, Devin Singletary and got him. HA! Suck on that Andrew Luck! And jeez guys, the rest of us were really sleeping behind the wheel on that one. Larry is also making an interesting move in his starting lineup, by starting Matt Breida OVER Matthew Stafford in his Superflex spot! And THIS is why I wanted to make this league a Superflex! If Larry feels like Breida could go out and be a stud this week over Stafford, go for it! If this were a 2 QB league, Larry would be locked in to starting Matt Stafford (or worse) this Sunday and that's no fun. Of course, there is room for trades, don't be shy on reaching out to each other and getting a deal done!

So as Harvey Dent says in the greatest movie of all time, "The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming." Yes Larry, the dawn is coming. Singletary could go on to be a top 10-15 RB this year. Sterling Shepard could bloom these first four weeks without Tate, then you trade him to some poor schmuck who doesn't know that Golden Tate is suspended or that he is even on the Giants. The dawn is coming, Larry. However, if I'm being real, the sun won't officially rise until we're drafting next year.