Week One Bleeding Blue Fantasy League Headlines


Justin Penik (@JPenik74)

Week one is in the books! Here are your main Bleeding Blue Fantasy League Headlines:

Max Was So Close.... Yet So Far...

Not only did Max lose by three points this week to Woods, but he had Sammy Watkins, Larry Fitz and Kyler Murray on his bench. Big time oof. Easy to play Monday Morning QB and nit pick those moves but in all reality, no one knew Tyreek Hill was going to get hurt, it made sense to keep Damien Williams in over Sammy Watkins and why would you start a rookie QB in fantasy when it is his first game? With Hill being hurt, Watkins is automatically moving into Max's starting lineup and now all Max has to do is hope for another 50 point day to make up for it. Larry Fitz had an incredible game with 25 points, Kyler had 20. 95 points, three players, all on Max's bench. Bigger oof. Didn't help that Kerryon Johnson and Jared Goff combined for a stellar 16 points in the starting lineup. So heading into week two, does Max make a drastic change at QB with putting Kyler in for Goff? Can Sammy Watkins continue making big plays? Despite questions in the starting lineup, Max certainly has depth on his team and can sustain an injury to a WR like Tyreek Hill. Might even be my pick for the UPSET of the week...

David Powis Tried to Make a Power Move

So David was probably in the shower Sunday morning and as he usually does, he came up with a great idea: "Hey! Marcus Mariota isn't the best option for my Superflex... I know! I'm gonna pick up Nick Foles! The Jags have a new look offense and playing the Chiefs, there's a solid chance some points could be scored this game! This is the move I know I gotta make to beat my annoying dick of a co-host, so I don't have to hear him run his mouth on how he kicked my ass this week." Well David's stream of consciousness from the shower worked out for about 30 minutes. Nick Foles goes out, throws a TD and then breaks his collarbone. Remember when Eagles fans were shitting on Carson Wentz for "never staying on the field?" Just hate to see it. Can't fault David for this move, injuries always find you in fantasy. Doesn't mean I can't bust his balls about it.

Jimmy's Gettlemaniacs vs. Brett's MUTANT BIRDS Did Not Disappoint

I gave the prediction that this matchup would produce the most combined points in my blog last week and low and behold, I was correct, by one point (this matchup had 193 total points, Bocra and Mark's game had a total of 192). Despite only 22 points out of Jimmy's QB (A-Rod), Superflex (Cam) and TE (OJ Howard), his squad still found a way to score 152 points. Austin Eckler's coming out party didn't disappoint, TY Hilton stays relevant in fantasy no matter who is throwing him the ball and Kamara continues to be one of the most reliable guys in fantasy. For Brett, it just came down to the fact he didn't have one guy outside his QB and Superflex that was able to go off and carry the load. Everyone had a relatively solid day besides Jared Cook. These are the kind of loses you just have to shrug your shoulders, and just hope you can get some better luck next week. This was a fun matchup to watch throughout the entire weekend and even heading into Monday night, was a very close game.

Heading Towards Week 2: Matchup of the Week

My NJ Huskers Take on Bocra's Dak Over Wentz

Bleeding Blue contributor and co-host Michael Bocra scored the most points in the league week one and fun fact: this matchup is the only matchup in our league happening between two teams that are 1-0. Bocra and I are in a different league together and we faced off last week and let's just say, it didn't go well for him. He's looking for payback and once again, I'm looking to keep an undefeated record over my Bleeding Blue co-hosts and contributors.

**BY THE WAY, I had Sammy Watkins on my bench too.

My record on the season predicting games: 2-3

Predictions for Week 2:

NJ Huskers vs. Dak Over Wentz

MUTANT BIRDS vs. Team McKittrick

Oh Saquon You See vs. Roaring Viagra

Team Rooney vs. Team Bernstiel


The Gettlemaniacs vs. Team Ickes