Welcome Back to Giants Training Camp!


Carlos Rodriguez @bigblueissues

Photo courtesy of the New York Football Giants

Welcome back Big Blue Nation! Welcome back to training camp and the sounds of grown men crashing into each other. Welcome back to the referee's whistle. Welcome back to the preseason and breaking down each game like it really matters. Welcome back to those who can't wait for Eli's benching and eagerly anticipating Daniel Jones first snap. Welcome back to those who ride or die with old number 10 and the endless hours of all those who bleed blue, arguing both scenarios. Welcome back to first downs, touchdowns, sacks, interceptions and to the License Plate Guy screaming, "let's go!" 

Welcome back to press conferences, player interviews and the infinite number of "anonymous sources." Welcome back to fantasy football and countless debates on who the greatest QB's are. Welcome back to the bars and their sea of varying jerseys, to the scratching of barstools and the clinking of beer bottles. Welcome back to triple layered dip and the endless orders of buffalo wings. Welcome back to tailgating and the unequivocal comradery of complete strangers, bonding over those blue and white jerseys. 

Welcome back to the screaming fans at the stadium, who waited all week for this very specific moment to cheer on our boys in blue. Welcome back to all those crazies like myself, sitting on their couches and bellowing at their TV screens across the nation, arguing calls we cannot determine the outcome of. Welcome back to the backward hats, the turning around for field goals, the switching of seating positions or any of the insane superstitions we all partake in. Welcome back to the nail-biting anticipation of the next play, to the misery of defeat and to the utter, unabashed, overwhelming happiness that is winning the game. Welcome back to all the talking heads predicting results of future games. 

Welcome back to talking shit to anyone wearing a star, bird, or whatever the hell the Skins have on their helmets. Welcome back to defending this proud franchise against anyone who hasn't suffered along with us these past few years. Finally, welcome back to doing it all over again the following week. That's right my fellow blue bloods, football is back, but not just any football, welcome back New York Giants football and to be honest, it doesn't get much better than that! Let's go Big Blue!