All of Our Reaction/Breakdown Videos!

In 1996, the Giants and Jets had an embarrassing matchup similar to the one they had in 2019. With the help of some kids, we break down the striking similarities between 2019 and 1996!

Bob Papa and Carl Banks had a lot of fun with the play by play of a cat running onto the football field during MNF. There were some fun fan reactions here as well. Low and behold, this cat actually cursed the Giants here.

Pat Shurmur seems to almost be coaching to not lose the game instead of actively trying to win it. Here's a breakdown of some moments where he falls victim to a lack of situational awareness. 

Back in 2015, the Giants and 49ers had the prime-time stage, we saw vintage Eli Manning, Larry Donnell broke the internet and made the Helmet Catch 2.0.

Probably the most infamous moment in Giants history. Can't tell you exactly why I did this but here we are anyway. Consolation: Giants went on to make changes that lead to two Super Bowls and all the Eagles could do was celebrate second place.

A week 8 TNF matchup against the Ravens and Dolphins featured a kitten that put on a display of athleticism. Hope you enjoy!

The Philadelphia Eagles go bowling and there are some funny moments to react to here. Nelson Agholor on the camera gets some good shots here!

I break down the Giants v. Chargers game where fans were throwing massive snowballs onto the field and it causes mayhem.