A Reflection on the Career of Jared Lorenzen


Carlos Rodriguez @bigblueissues

With the recent, tragic news of the passing of Jared Lorenzen, a former backup quarterback for our New York Giants, I thought that I'd put to paper the highlights of our "Hefty Lefty" and his professional football career.

Signing with the GMen, as an undrafted free agent out of Kentucky in 2004, he became the 3rd string quarterback for that season and the following one. However, in a preseason game in the 2006 season, he drove down the field against the Baltimore Ravens for an impressive game winner. Coupled with a good training camp, he would then be officially named the number two guy behind Eli Manning. Interestingly enough in 2005, then Giants legendary coach Tom Coughlin, actually suggested Lorenzen go play in the NFL Europe, in which he declined.

Considering the fact Manning never missed a game during Lorenzen's tenure with Big Blue, his playing time was regulated to a few preseason plays and besides finishing a quarter for an injured Manning, it was mostly garbage time during meaningful games.

He would make a few appearances during the regular season though, in which two of them would come in the 2006-07 season. He was lined up on a third and short and was utilized to pick up a first down, but his most meaningful game time action, came in the previously mentioned fourth quarter of the 07 season opener where after Manning being injured and unable to return, Lorenzen would relieve him and play the rest of the game. That would be the last time he would see any regular season action as Manning's injury would not sideline him for more than that quarter.

He would be released by the Giants prior to the 2008 season and he would go on to sign with the Indianapolis Colts, but released prior to the 53 man roster cuts. After a brief retirement, Lorenzen still wanted to be involved with professional football. He would sign on as the General Manager of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of the Ultimate Indoor Football League. However, Lorenzen still wanted to play, so he would resign his position and become the teams starting quarterback, and after having a good year, would win the league's MVP award. He would eventually hold the highest official rank and become the commissioner of the league. But playing is where Jared's heart was and he returned to the River Monsters. Unfortunately, that would only last two games as he would break his tibia, officially ending his professional football career.

Sadly though, he struggled with weight issues and eventually reached 500 pounds. Realizing that his health was a concern, he began to do something about it losing approximately 100 pounds in the process. He documented his journey online in a program called "The Jared Lorenzen Project."

Unfortunately, it seems that it was a bit too late and Jared would be admitted into the ICU where he would pass away on July 3rd, due to an acute infection. 

The man known as the Hefty Lefty left us extremely too soon and though he wasn't the most celebrated Giant he was a Super Bowl champion and as all Giant players, coaches and fans alike know, once a Giant, always a Giant. Rest well big man!