Breaking Down Brian Cashman's Most Recent Press Conference


By: Renato Rodrigues @rrodriguesspp

     With the Yankees having made six major moves so far this off-season (Gardner, CC, Paxton, Happ, Britton, Tulo), many fans are still wondering about the state of the team in 2019. The two biggest names in baseball, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are still available to sign via free agency. Questions remain about their potential arrival as well as whether or not the Yankees are going to trade Sonny Gray, as Brian Cashman has mentioned since the beginning of the season, as well as how the newly-acquired SS Troy Tulowitzki will fit with the team. These questions were answered by Cashman in a press conference a few days ago so let's see what he had to say.

Quote: "Brian Cashman, on if Troy Tulowitzki takes them out of the Manny Machado hunt:
"I can't say what it would take us out of, but we're going into this with a commitment level to try Troy Tulowitzki at shortstop."

Interpretation: For a guy who has not played in a year and a half, it is very shocking to me that the Yankees truly believe that Tulo can be productive. I understand he might have looked good in their private workout, but workouts and games are two completely different animals. This could be a potential bluff by Cashman to Machado and his agents to lower their price/demands so that they can try to sign him for cheaper but if you're a Yankee fan, you are not liking this statement at all.

Quote: "Cashman confirms that he has spoken to Machado's camp since the meeting in NYC, and kept them updated about the Tulo signing."

Interpretation: I feel like this statement by Cashman was just a standard amongst all GMs that tell a players agent that they are interested in someone else. The Tulo signing was for the league minimum (as the Blue Jays will pay the rest of the contract since they bought him out) so I believe he will be in the Neil Walker type of role for next year (in which we can see Tulo play short but maybe even some time at the corners as well). If the Yankees do sign Machado, Tulo and Tyler Wade would have key roles off the bench to support this team next season.

Quote: "Cashman: 'Our intention is to move Sonny Gray.' Could happen in offseason, could happen in spring, could happen during the season, Cashman says. CC situation 'gives us pause.'" #Yankees

Interpretation: As Justin Penik has mentioned on the podcast, it would be hilarious if the Yankees were to back-track on everything they have said about wanting to trade Sonny Gray. If you remember, Cashman essentially said in the beginning of the offseason that "almost half of the league wants Sonny Gray". But yet, we are in January and Gray is still on the team. With the news that CC Sabathia had successful heart surgery, it has given the Yankees an "excuse" to try and keep Sonny Gray. I believe that Cashman is waiting for someone to give him an arm and a leg because that is what he did to acquire Sonny Gray back at the Trade Deadline in 2017. The more he waits, the more likely it is that you will not only see Gray back in a Yankees uniform, but probably in a potential 6-man rotation or even in a long relief role like he was apart of at times last year. Yankees fans will definitely cringe reading this statement but I believe Cashman would rather give him another chance than trade him for peanuts, which I truly believe it is a mistake.

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