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I am rewatching every single offensive snap from the Giants 2018 season. I'll be making my observations based off the film and including some statistics as well as to what we should expect from the offense in 2019. Be sure to let me know what you think and follow me on Twitter!   

This past offseason, I have taken a deep dive into talking about value and getting the most value out of draft picks, roster moves and certain positions. There are some positions that are more valuable than others and as football moves more into analytics, as fans, we should understand how successful football teams are being built in today's game. 

This thread takes a NFL Positional Value Pyramid and splits up positions into six tiers, the QB being the first tier, the most valuable position, all the way down to the sixth tier with positions like fullback, #2 inside linebacker, interior lineman etc. Using this pyramid, I analyzed every single team, looking at Pro Football Focus grades for every player from the previous season. Afterwards, I found the average grade per tier. The theory is, good forward thinking teams will have higher average grades towards the top, lower grades towards the bottom.