Why Giants Fans Need to Hold Their Optimism for a QB Change This OffSzn


Justin Penik (@JPenik74 & @Bleeding__Blue)

     We are here once again! Going round and round and playing the waiting game on what our beloved franchise will do and the direction they will choose to take this upcoming offseason. Giants twitter this offseason compared to last is in two totally different spots. Last year, the fan base and analysts were split on what the Giants should do however, there was a clear consensus that Eli deserved at least one more shot to win as the Giants QB. Currently, the large majority of fans are calling for a solution as to what is next at QB and that it should be answered in this April's draft. However, if you are one of these people that is totally sold on that happening, I am here to say, temper your expectations. If you are a listener of Bleeding Blue, you know I am for a change at quarterback however, please, please temper your expectations. The writing is on the wall as to why the Giants will roll with Eli Manning and only Eli Manning for one more year. Here are those reasons:

#1: Pat Shurmur has gone out of his way to defend Eli despite being visibly frustrated with his play during games.

     I think this is arguably the most powerful sign as to why we need to stay calm about the potential of a new QB on the team this season. Despite there being multiple public displays of frustration on Shurmur's part on Eli's play, he has continually gone to bat for the 38 year old. He publically has said he believes in him and he "absolutely" has good football left in him. Now you can view this from multiple angles; Shurmur is being a good coach who supports his players (as he should) or this is a clear script Giants execs are making Shurmur follow after McAdoo certainly did not hold back his dismay against Eli.

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#2: Dave Gettleman's Closing Presser

     My favorite quote from this press conference was, "At the end of the day, between the fact that they were able to get comfortable with each other and we settled the offensive line down, we scored points. I saw a graphic, I think we averaged 27-28 points a game the last half of the year, something like that." I am no mathematician, but I think it's pretty easy to calculate your football team's average points scored through the final eight games of the season and have that information readily available for one of the few times you actually speak to the media each year. Nevertheless, Gettleman basically ignored the reasons why the team started 1-7 before their bye week and instead, emphasized why the team finished 5-3 in the second half, and why it should have been better. Using total points scored, and total points allowed as his main statistics guiding his offseason approach, "that's why you're 5-11," Gettleman in response to if he was surprised that his defense allowed the most points in the NFC East, "We need to improve the defense, guys. Just like I looked you right in the eye last year and told you we've got to fix this O-line, we've got to get better on the defensive side."

     Of course, he had the "no holds barred conversation" (said in the fakest yet, weirdly satisfying Boston accent) with Eli Manning about God knows what but that conversation was initiated by Eli and don't let Easy E fool you, I am sure he holds a lot of leverage in these conversations on what the Giants will and will not do.

#3: Bringing in another QB will result in another Kurt Warner scenario

     I think it is inevitable that at some point in the 2019 season, fans will be calling for the team to pull Eli Manning if they bring in another guy behind him. Especially if they draft one with the sixth pick, it will not be a good situation for anyone involved. It will be dejavu of the end of 2017. The fan base will be torn apart and I am willing to bet the Giants want to avoid that at all costs. With another name being added to the QB mix (whether that's through the draft of FA) Eli's exit will be messy and arguably not the one he deserves. At the end of the day, this is a business but the Giants have dug themselves a grave by not taking a QB last year, they might as well bury themselves by going all in for #10 one more time, and see if it works.